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Snacks SO GOOD your dog will ask if they are FUR REAL!!

Starting at just $9.99


What our customers are saying

Julie recommends FUR REAL Dog Snacks:

I always know I am getting the freshest treats for my fur kids. They love everything. Right now, chicken feet are the favorite!🐶🐶

Rebecca recommends FUR REAL Dog Snacks:

We have been buying all of the dog treats Kat has to offer. It is guaranteed there are no hormones, mouse poop 😁, or anything in or on the treats like what you'd potentially get buying from the store. I trust the product 💯 and the dogs love them!!!!! 

The cats even like the livers. get yours now!!!!!

Fresh Dehydrated Snacks - Chicken Jerky

Our snacks are 100% antibiotic, hormone and preservative free. No artificial flavors, colors, or additives.